Sphère d'isolement S2

The Sphère d’isolement S2 is one in very few models made of Maurice-Claude Vidili’s most celebrated design. Diving into the futuristic influence of the time, the sphere was launched by Les Plastiques De Bourgogne in 1971 and works as a small office. Made of glass reinforced polyester with a hardened outer layer, the contained environment presents storage, seating, electricity, shelves and a hole on the roof, for light and to allow smoking inside. The idea was to offer an escape from the outside world, anywhere you located it. The futuristic cocoon structure fits into the space-age aesthetic seen in architectural and design projects, combined with the technological possibilities of plastics in the late 1960’s. Exploring how spaces relate to the home lives of its users is an ever-present design matter that can be seen represented in the 1960’s and 1970’s by capsule, ephemeral, inflatable, and even audiovisual projects.